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What do we do at Segacy?

Provide profitability and value to clients through our consulting services that contribute to improving their business processes efficiency, development of digital capabilities, digital transformation and innovation in an effective and differentiated way.

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Skills Framework for the Information Age

SFIA Services

  • Organizational development based on digital skills. Boost your digital capabilities using the global SFIA standard.

  • Detect gaps in digital skills and competencies and define the organizational development plan.

  • Identify, evaluate and certify the digital skills and competencies.

  • Learn how to use the SFIA model.

MMDT - Transformation Digital

Digital Transformation Maturity Model

Discover the Digital Capacity of your organization and how to structure the Digital Transformation strategy.

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Agility and Process improvement

Incorporate industry best practices and discover the agile side of your organization.

Team Task

Research and Studies

We have the capacity and knowledge to carry out different types of research and studies related to:

  • digital transformation,  

  • digital capabilities,

  • IT and business processes.

We have carried out studies to help programs for developing digital capabilities, improvement and transformation of processes for governments, educational institutions, trade associations and companies.

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