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IT transformation and  Process improvement

Our process consulting services, which include the survey of current processes, their design or improvement, and the incorporation of good practices and reference models, allow better results to be achieved by aligning business objectives with the operation.


Business Processes

We work together with the organization in the reengineering, development or improvement of processes based on the business model and the opportunities for improvement identified.

Change management

Design and carry out an action plan for the adaptation of people to changes in the organization, technology or processes.

Project Office

Improve project management processes through the design and implementation of a PMO.


development methodologies
Recommend, select and implement the appropriate project management methodology (predictive or agile) or an adaptation of them to the client's reality.


Management of internal and external development
Improve the software development and maintenance process as well as the management of IT service providers using CMMI as a reference framework.

Manage bidding processes (RFI, RFP, evaluation, selection, execution and monitoring).

Transform the software construction and deployment process through continuous integration and development practices, processes and tools.

IT Service Management
Determine maturity level and improve IT operational processes, incorporating ITIL and ISO 20000 practices.

Information Quality Models
Improve data quality using worldclass practices (DAMA, DMBOK).



Evaluate and implement good information security practices (ISO 27000).

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