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MMDT - Digital Transformation Maturity Model

Digital Transformation (TD) is a profound change in business activities, organizational processes, roles and skills required by professionals, with the aim of implementing the correct combination of digital technologies and taking advantage of the impact of them in the acceleration of the implementation of the present and future business strategy.

This need for change finds companies and ICT areas at different levels of preparation or maturity to address all the initiatives that arise from such a profound strategic change. From here arises the need to carry out a diagnosis of the current characteristics and capacities of the organization in order to:

  • Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement

  • Be clear about the gaps to be covered

  • Address the challenges posed by the business

  • Establish an action plan that considers the above points

Assessed maturity level

MMTD - resultado.png

MMTD levels and scopes

Dimensiones madurez TD.png
  • Governance and Leadership : Measures executive/managerial support, authorization, reporting processes, and detailed roles and responsibilities.

  • Organization – Measures the organization's culture, including customer focus, innovation, risk appetite, and attention to change management, especially staff roles.

  • Culture and Innovation : measures the willingness and ability to imagine new services and products, and new ways of providing services; level of proactivity and desire to evaluate and implement new technologies, business processes and ways of working.

  • Technology : The adequacy of the underlying technology platforms, programs and systems that support the other pillars.

  • Capabilities and Skills – Measures the ability to be digitally mature; resources, staff capacity and skills, access to appropriate technology, training plan, supporting policies and procedures.

  • Insights – Evaluates the use of customer and business data to measure success and inform strategy.


Digital Transformation digital skills


Skills Framework for the Information Age

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