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Consultoría SFIA

SFIA para Centros de Educación

Educational institutions (Universities, Vocational Training Institutes, Technical Training Centers, Technical Training Organizations and, in general, any organization that teaches courses in the technological area), hereinafter referred to as the Institution,  they can execute training programs aligned to SFIA through an accreditation as a training entity.

There are several ways to become accredited with SFIA. The most common way is through the mapping license (Mapping License). This license is developed for organizations that provide certifications, qualifications, and trainings – and want to report how their services are related to SFIA (for example, what are the SFIA competencies addressed by a course or program, or what are the certifying for a given profile).


Within the mapping guide it is established that the person who performs mapping must previously attend the official SFIA course to be able to do it properly. This task is usually carried out by accredited consultants.

In general, it is recommended that the Institution send at least one person to an official SFIA course before applying for a mapping license. This is to ensure that the mapping is done correctly.

Note: In the case of the training program for 1000 Programmer Analysts carried out by SENCE in Chile, the mapping of the courses was already carried out by Segacy, and with this the OTEC does not need to send people to the official SFIA course, only acquire the license of mapping.

The license is paid directly to the SFIA Foundation, as established between Segacy and the SFIA Foundation for Latin America. In this way there is transparency between the Institutions and the SFIA Foundation.



1.- What is its value?
The value of the license is £1,750 and is annual.
2.- How long does the process of obtaining the license take?
The process lasts 1 to 2 weeks maximum.
3.- Is it feasible to certify an Institution? or is it only for people?
SFIA is a competency model for the ICT industry. It is not possible to certify an institution, since the competencies of people are certified. The Institutions can acquire the license to be able to develop, use and/or sell their products based on the model.


4. – Process to obtain the license
To obtain the license, the following steps must be carried out

  • Send an e-mail with the following details of the organization (see Excel attached here ) to Segacy ( ).

  • Segacy will structure the petition in English and send it to the SFIA Foundation requesting the development of the license documents for the Institution.

  • SFIA Foundation will contact the Institution and Segacy, sending the license documents and the license payment invoice.

  • The Institution must sign the license documents and send them signed to the SFIA Foundation.

  • To pay for the license, the organization must register on the SFIA Foundation website and can make the payment online through the SFIA Foundation website.

  • Upon payment, the SFIA Foundation will send the license documents signed by the SFIA Foundation to the Institution and it will be included in the list of Accredited Partners on the SFIA Foundation website under the section for your country ( SFIA Partners — English ( ).


This completes the license acquisition process.

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