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Consultancy,  Implementation and Certification

Part of Segacy's vision has been to spread and institutionalize the use of a reference framework for labor competencies in the ICT industry and SFIA is a de facto standard, used in more than 150 countries. For this reason, its consultants actively participate at an international level in the ongoing review and development of the model through the SFIA Council, an expert body that recommends improvements and of which Miroslav Pavlovic, founding partner of Segacy, is a member.

After 10 years of Segacy's work and the evolution and maturity of the industry, SFIA has finally been adopted in the ICT ecosystem in Chile by getting it to be used in Government ,  education and  Companies

SFIA Services

Segacy is a Global Accredited Training Partner and a Global Consultancy Partner of the SFIA Foundation . For this reason, we can carry out training and certification of competencies based on the model.

In addition, within our consulting services we carry out:

IT talent management and development model based on SFIA


Improvement of processes related to IT human capital:

  • Detailed definition of charges

  • Competency evaluation

  • Selection

  • Development and training plans

  • Supplier quality management


Evaluation of the organization's capacities for Digital Transformation.

Advice to governments and public and private institutions in the development of policies and programs for the development of human capital in the ICT sector.

Validation and design of curricula and training programs for ICT professionals.

Evaluation of skills for students, graduates and industry professionals.

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