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for Education Centers

Discover the steps to become an SFIA Accredited Partner.


Skills Framework for the Information Age

Universities, technical institutes and training organizations

We help redesign their digital careers and  IT, to align with the need for IT and digital skills in the market to improve job opportunities for graduates:

  • Provide an informed view of the market's need for IT skills, now and in the future.

  • Adapt the curriculum to align it with the SFIA digital competency framework.

  • Compare the curriculum with international standards for higher education.

Our services
  • Validation of alignment to SFIA of ICT career curriculum

From the existing course grid, a mapping of the competencies that should be achieved at the end of the degree is made.

Mapping of curricular meshes of formal courses based on competences as well as collaborating in the definition of instructional objectives of short courses and continuing education using international standards such as SFIA.

  • Redesign of curriculum to SFIA

Based on a profile of objective competencies, the redesign of the curriculum is carried out in order to ensure the training path of the desired competencies.

  • Curricular design of new programs or careers

Based on the objective of the program or career, a profile of objective competencies is designed and the curriculum is validated (or built) in order to ensure the desired training path of the competencies.

  • student assessment

    • Annual progress in achieving competencies:

It is done to all students, once a year, and the achievement of  competencies and that should have been acquired according to the level  course.

  • At the end of the race:

It is possible to carry out an evaluation leading to the certification of  SFIA competencies ( ASSOCIATE level) of the graduates.

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