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Skills Framework for  the Information Age


S kills Framework for the Information Age ( SFIA ) is a reference model that identifies the digital skills required for the digital world. It was created in the United Kingdom more than 10 years ago and extends its actions to the different levels of the training and employment system. It arises from the requirements of companies and the need to have a standard that defines the competencies that the different positions associated with technologies must have, in various sectors, defining a common language between companies, organizations and the training system.

  • It is a model of ICT competences recognized worldwide.

  • Enables more effective use of IT professionals in your organization.  

  • It allows reducing the arrival to the market and increasing the quality of the products and services that involve IT.

  • It provides a framework to identify, develop, assign and measure the skills/competencies and performance of IT professionals that the business requires to be successful.

  • It allows to shorten the process of induction of professionals in the company.

  • It helps IT companies or IT areas of companies highly dependent on IT (such as banking, insurance, retail and government, among others) to structure their IT organization.  

  • It is compatible with Development Processes, Provision of IT Services, Call Centers, and others.

  • It is a living model, quickly incorporating trends in technology and mapping the skills required by people to apply them

You can learn more about SFIA by visiting the SFIA Foundation website:

The Segacy framework​

In the ecosystem of information technology actors we identify three essential roles:


  • The Government , who generally defines the standards and norms for the country. It also has an important role in creating qualification frameworks that allow for professionals with the right skills. Finally, it also has a long-term strategic concern in the development of the IT industry as a competitive advantage for the country.

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  • Education , understood as the entity whose role is to train people who will work in the industry and its teaching plans must be aligned so that professionals at the time of graduation have the correct and necessary skills

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  • The  Company , where the talent coming out of the University is finally hired and professionally developed. It has constant pressure to manage innovation, efficiency and the talent of its employees

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